About Cultural Interactions Engine

Since 1978 UNESCO safeguards an ever growing list of World Heritage and nowadays there are over 800 unique cultural elements inscribed on the list. Two interactive and unique visuals were created by the Cultural Interactions Engine to help people better understand and discover their cultural heritages, and how they are influenced by and connected to other cultural heritages through connections such as location, country, architectural structure, material, construction motivation, and more.

Detailed information of every cultural world heritage can be reached through navigating the sunburst interactive visual, integrating the information from its UNESCO page and its Wikipedia page, links to the source pages are also provided.

Connections between any cultural world heritages can be explored in the scatter interactive visual through selecting any number of heritages you are interested in. An interactive map will be generated in a separate page, providing potential inherent relations between the heritages you've selected.

Principal Investigator: Yi Zeng
Group Members: Cunqing Huangfu, Zizhe Ruan, Yuwei Wang, Dongqi Liang