Cultural Interactions Engine
The Cultural Interactions Engine is aimed at providing linkages and interactions among various cultural heritages inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. It shows how different cultural heritages from various geolocations and cultures are connected to and different from each other. By this effort, we see how we, human species as a whole, contribute to the human civilizations in complementary and interconnected way.

Distribution of World Heritages

This interactive visual treemap demonstrates the geographical distribution of the UNESCO world heritages. Click any cell to zoom in, or the top banner to zoom out.

Interconnectedness of World Heritages

This interactive visual diagram demonstrates the diversity and interconnectedness of the world heritages. Similar heritages which share similar or related (cultural) descriptions are plotted closer. Hover over any of the nodes to see the name of the heritage. Click on any heritage to include it in the selection box below, or click again to cancel the selection. Try to search for your favorite heritage, select it, and it'll show up in the selection box too. Finally, click on the button at the bottom to explore their connections.